Will the sunglasses effect my vision?

Equipped with every pair of Skylos sunglasses is our proprietary Vibrant Lens Technology, made to enhance your vision, making colors pop, and adding more contrast, making it easier for you to distinguish details.

Why should I get polarized lenses?

Polarized lenses reduce harmful glare, and make images appear clearer and sharper, increasing clarity and comfort.

Why shouldn't I get polarized lenses?

Non-polarized lenses are ideal for situations when you are required to use a screen, want to have better visibility in low-light situations, or need an unfiltered view of the world. Pilots wear non-polarized sunglasses because of their lack of interference with displays and materials in the cockpit environment.

What's the deal with carbon fiber?

Carbon fiber is lightweight, flexible, and 5x stronger than steel. Carbon fiber is a high performance material used for the production of aircraft, Formula cars, and high-impact sports equiptement. We have adapted it to increase durability for our glasses.

What is the Skylos return policy?

If you would like to return your sunglasses for any reason we offer free returns within 14 days of delivery. Product must be in its original packaging. 

Who nake the coolest sunglasses ever?